Home Care Services

Providing Services of Support to Family Members

Comprehensive Elder Care, Inc. is affiliated with Creative Care Consultants, a well established Geriatric Care Management company. A reasonable alternative to today’s nursing homes, Comprehensive Elder Care offers dependable, compassionate, and personalized home care services. We often make it possible for the older adult to remain at home, or in an independent or assisted living arrangement. Our Services can also allow individuals the option to:

  • Recover from illness, injury, or surgery at home.
  • Provide care for chronic or terminally ill individuals.
  • Support and relieve family caregivers.
  • Provide needed personal care.
  • Provide support and companionship to the elderly.

Our Mission is to provide essential and comforting care to elders at home,
creating peace of mind for them and their families.

Levels of Care

Level 1:
Companionship and observation, light housekeeping, toileting reminders, transportation, shopping assistance, medication reminders, and meal preparation.
Level 2:
Same tasks as above plus: assist with dressing and undressing, set up for bathing and monitor, and assist with toileting.
Level 3:
Same tasks as above plus: hands on for nearly all activities of daily living, bed/chair transfers, feeding, special care such as feeding tubes, insulin injections, etc.

Our insured, bonded, and well-qualified caregivers can provide a variety of services, all under the direct supervision of the Geriatric Care Managers, with 24-hour support in order to provide the best possible care in the home. In our effort to help as many of our elderly as we can, we keep our prices competitively low. Services can be contracted for 3 to 24 hours a day, or live-in and sleep-over help can be arranged as necessary at a discounted flat rate, depending on availability.

Contact Comprehensive Elder Care at:
Fax: 816-746-3886