The Medicare crackdown on what that agency considers high hospital readmission rates has provided a benefit to individuals with high risk diseases to obtain disease specific teaching, nurse guidance at home and low cost or no cost medications, supplies and equipment to help them better manage their disease to avoid readmission.

Hospitals and insurers are utilizing experienced nurse case managers to provide the in home guidance and oversight to help assure success in this endeavor. Utilizing the highly qualified and experienced nurse case managers at Gini L. Toyne & Associates, Inc. provides these entities and the patients we serve with the quality and effectiveness needed to achieve a minimum of a 30 day home stay without readmission. Our instant intervention services begin either at the hospital prior to discharge or within 24 hours of discharge to home. Our nursing knowledge, skills and creativity assists patients with medication changes and set ups, self-monitoring of healthy lifestyle actions, resource and referral for financial assistance and transportation to allow them to keep their post hospital medical appointments.