In addition to our Comprehensive Care Management, the staff of Creative Care Consultants is trained to assist in a variety of additional levels of service to you. We are available to:

  • Provide one-time consultations with family members or other care-takers.
  • Assist in the actual packing and moving process if transitions in living arrangements are necessary.
  • Give direction through referrals to legal counsel, financial services or insurance.
  • File and review various medical claims.
  • Handle day-to-day money management.
  • Act as power of attorney or legal guardian to the older person.

Through these services, along with counseling and education, Creative Care Consultants helps relieve the anxiety and concerns many older adults and their families have about the aging process.

We also work with attorneys, trust officers and other professionals in charge of making decisions on behalf of an older person. We assist in seeing that the best care options are provided and make sure that costs are contained.